Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Enough with that outfit already Orlando!

after seeing OB in the same outfit for about a week now, I'm starting to wonder if he's actually welded into it.....

maybe its some kind of cunning restraint the Praying Mantis has employed to keep him from running?

maybe those sweatpants are disguising some kind of bollock clamp to make him behave?

perhaps if he thinks he wears green for long enough, some irish pixies will come and spirit him away?

whatever the reason, one things for sure - its fully washable, from the looks of this photo it seems as if he's taken to showering in it in sheer desperation...

Moving swiftly on, Variety has reported that OB is to start shooting a movie in Dublin in June starring Glenn Close - I'm well excited for this one (assuming it makes it into cinemas) - Glenn Close rocks in a big way and of course it will nice to have OB a little closer to the uk !

A little more info can be found here


  1. After looking at this I feel the need to have another shower.........

    Have we seen those girls before?

  2. I don't recognise them but i'm probably wrong - maybe he's got to the stage where he needs to hire fans??? lets hope not lol :D