Sunday, 21 March 2010

Hallelujah, A different outfit!

What a relief, Orlando has managed to liberate his bollocks from the clutches of those jersey gym trousers and into a pair of jeans AND he's obviously shelved that green top for another year too.

He's looking fairly good here though still a bit post time with the mantis if you ask me (he always looks a bit like he's come back from a war zone whenever he's been photographed on his own after a round of snaps with her)

According to that gospel of truth Twitter, he's been hanging out again at the Marmont eyeing up the clientele - Good on him. You see, he does listen to advice.....he's been able to prove that shopping does not necessarily emasculate a man if he can provide the petrol and eye up birds..... Its a shame he hasn't worked out that publicly handing his wedding tackle to the mantis ever 4-6 weeks tends to undo all his good work!

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