Thursday, 18 March 2010

News of The Hobbit!

How exciting, it looks as if The Hobbit is off the ground, apparently according to here Sir Ian has updated his site to say filming will be starting shortly - I cant WAIT. Orlando or no Orlando I'm just so excited about seeing the Hobbit made into a film (of course it would be great if he could reprise the elf)

I think that bit of news has made my day :D (of course it would be made even more that we were going to see more of OB looking he does in this picture!)


  1. The google alert indicated that the Hobbit is stuffed full of old friends and new friends so I'm taking it to mean that somehow, some way Legolas is going to be there.

  2. really?????

    OK am REALLY excited now....... I still find thoughts of legolas can sooth the largest crises :D