Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Riddle me this?

Can someone answer this riddle for me please....... I'm all confused by the latest "arriving in NY" photos...

You remember the post from yesterday right? You know, the one with them arriving at LAX , our panty mantis signing photographs for the some poor bemused person waiting to get a plane - poor sod I bet he thought he was being robbed when she grabbed his ticket out of his hands. Anyway, the point is that she was being photographed, he was being photographed, everyone was happy and all was as it should be for a Hollywood heartthrob and his panty mantis.

Our happy couple (i'm presuming) then got on a flight over to new york (though sadly no reports of any fight flights this time, and certainly no screaming from either of them) obviously the panty mantis has chastised OB's balls enough to make them behave for more extended periods). They disembark and go through security etc etc but this is the bit I'm confused with..

They leave through separate exits???

Why? why would they do that - its a bit late to look pap shy guys, you are best friends with the paps and certain celeb bloggers plus you've had more pap set ups to prove the love than I've had hot dinners..

Trust me, its a bit late for the subtle approach - you are much better off keeping with the "Hitting everyone on the head with a sledgehammer" tactic!

Oh and Orlando, people are starting to get your name wrong when they are posting these set up pics.. perhaps it might be better if you did some on your own??? just a thought......


  1. Well at least they learned to hold hands right.

    They probably split up to go meet thier real bfs. Though I hear her's lives in her home country going to business school

  2. I wonder where viggo is.... Lol

  3. Viggo was last seen in NYC Sunday night.

    Now I am reading on Twitter that Orlando may be back in LA. Ugh this whole thing is crazy.

  4. I reckon OB is in NY there has been another twitter which had him at a movie theatre with his mantis... apparently he was enjoying the movie and she was treating herself to a piece of popcorn lol

  5. and certainly no screaming from either of them

    Oh, well, no mile high business then.

    and she was treating herself to a piece of popcorn

    I hope the corn kernel was organic.

    And can I say just how retarded she looks wearing that stupid cap? And when I say retarded, I mean retarded in the literal sense. Of course that wide spaced apart eye thing and the permanent vacuous expression on her face doesn't help, but she seriously looks like she has an intellectual disability.

  6. Maybe the separte exits was due to them taking separte flights.

  7. LOl, there is usually something odd when these two anything together....

  8. @joders why is she wearing it off to one side, almost like she is wearing it to look as if she doesn't want the attention but putting it to one side so we can (sadly) still see her phace... subtle!

  9. She looks like an ugly boy in that pic.