Wednesday, 17 March 2010

More news about 'Albert Nobbs"

Coming back to more sensible contributions to TSO, there is some more detail about "Albert Nobbs", Orlando's new project.

You can see it all here

I'm kinda coming round to Amanda Seyfried, she did have a nastily kitch role in Mama Mia but she seems like she's going places and she is certainly a knock out looks and style wise!!

All in all, i'm cautiously excited about this project - C'mon Orlando - get THIS one in the cinemas - its been YEARS!! (I'm not counting NYILU since it didn't make it to the uk)
p.s the photo is there to remind us all how thoroughly good looking he can look when he bothers..... :D


  1. A movie in the cinema? That would be a novelty but one can hope. lol

    I didn't care for that photo shoot but the idea that he put effort into it is a plus and certainly the visual of him not humping the Orca really helps. Just sayin.

  2. LOL Peggy, I see you share my cynicism! it would get very tiring if one was to jump up and down about every project OB does - plus you'd probably turn into rip van winkle before you had the opportunity to see it on the big screen....

    I'm being a bit harsh on the lad - its not exactly the best economic climate to get the kind of movies he's doing at the moment into the cinemas, his SFD Role had great reviews for him....

  3. I think with Glenn Close involved this one is a go-er!

    I have to say I'm not a big fan of Amanda Seyfried. She's kind of, I dunno, I can't think of the word. But it's because she's so fair skinned, with fair hair and light coloured eyes. However, if her presence in the movie gets it on the big screen I don't care how she looks.

    Poor Praying Mantis. Kate Bozzers had hot Orly. PM has aging, slovenly and unhygenic Whorely.

  4. yes so do I - she is a big hitter, and there is no denying amanda is "so hot right now!" lol

    maybe thats why our praying mantis is looking so upset in the latest shots....... she's thinking "damn KB, at least OB washed when he was with her" LOL

  5. Why is it when I come here I feel the need to take yet another shower? Unkept Orly doing photo shoots with Richarson and humping an Orca. EEWWW.