Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Your Bets ladies and gentlemen, please..

Ooh goodeee!!!! that favoured reporter of all things panty mantis has posted photos of Orlando and PM heading out on a flight from LA..

I was really excited when i saw these photos, no really I was..... It dawned on me that it was an excellent opportunity was presenting itself to open a book on whether they were going to continue the airbourne fight they started on the way back from New York. Now admittedly, that would make for a mammoth row all in all (a bit like that storm in "The Day after Tomorrow") but its a plane and I'm sure that the Panty Mantis has the capacity to be annoying on any flight.

So I'm offering 2:1 odds for another bust up on the plane and 4:1 Odds on whether Orlando will do the screeching this time??

Any Takers?

There is more wrong with this latest set of "caught out" photos of course, but I think we must revisit OB's outfit - Orlando puurlease ditch that green thing..... everytime I see you in that and those trousers, I keep thinking the clothes are walking you not the other way around!


  1. Much as I would love another flight fight, I think we're due for engagement rumours. What odds do you give for that?

    And if that ring she's wearing on her middle finger is a solitaire, it's the teeniest, weeniest diamond I've ever seen.

  2. Maybe he buys green t-shirts in bulk.

    I'd pay money to hear Whorely screech. Wouldn't you?

  3. They landed in NYC. Of course they separated so they wouldn't get caught...lame!

  4. Oh dear, really??? Who are they trying to kid?