Monday, 22 March 2010

The world is full of coincidences...

Don't you agree?

I can give you a couple of recent examples if you like?? Well, of course there is that coincidence of those patient loyal fans at LAX just happening to have photos of Orlando with them as they went through the air port - now come on.... don't be cyncical... I never leave the house without my A3 portrait.... seriously!

And then of course there is the coincidence of photos of Orlando belatedly appearing in a new outfit on the PM's street in New York, with her friend and her little rat dog after an enthusiastic week of ribbing about how OB was seemingly welded into the same outfit and look less than smitten with his pet - I'm sure its all purely by chance that these were released when they were..... after all, Orlando would never do pap set ups would he.....

you see, the world IS full of coincidences....

Actually that brings me nicely onto my next celeb based beef.... apparently OB is off to play some celebrity golf in Jamaica (one could be unkind and say he obviously needs to refill the coffers after a few months of actually acting) - to be honest this isn't one to lay at Orlando's door - he's just being a celeb. What does P**s me off is the people who organise these parties. If you know and like the celeb in question and ask them to your party - thats one thing, but to invite them because they are famous - what a crock s**t.... there! I feel much better now :D

It will be interesting to see if OB is more keen on turning up to something that has an attendance fee that he did for the GG pre oscar party... and even more interesting to see if the organisers are keen to pay for the panty mantis to turn up too..


  1. How can OB play golf without any balls??

  2. it seems like he may of briefly gained them back again - must be in preparation for this event!