Saturday, 29 January 2011

A Fat'n'Jellus Pop Video

Really really exciting news this morning - Now, I hope you will forgive me for keeping this one hush hush, but all of us fat'n'jellus ones that were involved had to sign disclosure contracts and I've not been able to share this one with you till now..

A select few of the fattest and most jellus people from amongst our numbers were contacted by Mika's management to take part in his video of Big Girl (You are beautiful)! and *drum Roll* here it is...

I'm the one in the pink - ladies - identify yourselves and take your bow!

(And thanks to J for the suggestion!)


  1. I'm a little bit shy about identifying myself because, well, I never got into this business for fame or so that the less fortunate (and less phat) could worship me. But if it will help give our worthy cause, the Ensurient Corpulence company and it's many fabulous products the extra publicity, then losing my anonymity is well worth it.

    So, I'm the one in blue with the long dark hair. I had my hair straightened especially for the video. I'm also not usually that tall, but stilettoes do wonders for a girl's stature.

    And Mika is a hot piece!

  2. And I must say, it was soooooo hard......... trying to keep this a secret!

  3. joders your selflessness never fails to astound me...

    and i'm relieved the sekrit is finally out too :)

  4. You already know I dye my hair red, so it was prolly easy to figure out that I'm the one in orange. What you didn't know till now is that the blonde little girl in pink is my daughter. And isn't she lovely?

  5. I'm Joders' twin - the one in blue with the shorter curly dark hair. I had to have my hair curled for the occasion.
    And that little blond girl is a jewel.

  6. L Congratulations - your daughter is fabulous (though i think she could possible do with some of our Ensurient Corpulence toddler range - you and i should talk!)

    @Sighs as stunning as ever

    @JOders Im still laughing at the thought of Mika being a hot piece! :D