Wednesday, 19 January 2011

In like Flynn!

So the queen of privacy and secrecy has final named her baby and kindly posted a picture of her boobs (and baby bloom) on the internet. In a carefully timed and released "candid" (and I when I mean candid, I mean the type of candid that has a team of make-up artists and a lighting team standing close by) the Panty mantis privately shares the details of the second coming.

Funnily enough our Panty Mantis is still flogging the idea that she gave birth naturally (obviously she hasnt read the large number of comments about her nether regions that followed on from that particular statement).

She's also called the baby Flynn....... Flynn Kerr-Bloom ! Poor little mite, not only does it have the PM for a mother, it has a name that sounds akin to a mild explosion!

Baby Bloom (no, sorry, I cant call it Flynn right now) is a little cutie by the looks of it though - here's to it looking like its father!

p.s. Being the fat'n'jellus hater that I am, I took as much out of the mantis as I could. Research has shown that viewing the PM's face for any length of time can cause rapid weight loss and I didnt want to inflict that on TSO's readership!


  1. BTW thanks to Thal for the heads up on the Mantis Boob shot

  2. Just for the record, as people are claiming it's natural to breastfeed a baby, of course it is! Going to the bathroom is natural too, so shall we expect some upcoming pics of MK at the toilet???

  3. Thank you a thousand times for cropping out the mantis' phace. It's a pity you couldn't crop out more of her boob as well, it's not like it would mean seeing less of the baby's face. Since we can't see any of his face at all.

    I can't believe it took them (her probably, Orlando probably couldn't care less)12 freaking days to come up with Flynn. It took her 12 days to get to F in the baby name book? Even if she was stupid enough to start reading the girls names first, 12 days is an inordinately long time to get to the 6th letter of the alphabet.

    so shall we expect some upcoming pics of MK at the toilet???

    OMG, Dea! Nooooooo!!

  4. that was a call i had to make joders - and it seems as if the PM is perfectly comfortable having her private parts circulating the WWW...

    I cant get past "Flynn Kerr-Bloom" looooool

  5. Ya'll know I'm no fan of PM but the full shot was quite lovely. I too wonder if she truly gave natural vaginal birth... if so, she's a strong ass girl pushing a nearly 10lbs human being out of her like that. But a lot of women have done the same thing. So if she dares to brag she pushed Flynn out the natural way, I give her proper kudos.

    I like the name.

  6. Many many thanks for the cropped picture of Dingho's baby.

  7. I just posted an epic comment and it disappeared.

  8. Joders, that comment was brilliant - 12 days to get to the letter F!

    Flynn isn't a huge surprise, since Orlando thinks he's Errol Flynn reborn. I hope the child has other names though to make it roll off the tongue easier. Flynn Bloom just ain't working for me.

  9. @ Wanda... I dont know where its gone - have had a look in the spam box (which is where May's comments and other disappeared to (but no joy..)