Saturday, 8 January 2011

Still holding onto our seats...

Ok, So the second coming is starting to become as protracted, confusing and ill matching as their wedding was... kind of apt I guess..

Since yesterday X17 (thanks Mystic) reported that one of their reporters in the hospital (?!?) overheard that it was a Baby Bloom not a Mini Mantis but still no official confirmation that either the blessed day has arrived or what sex the blessing is...

If i was a crueler person, I'd say we are experiencing PR milking of said blessed event, but I'm Fat and Jellus not cruel so I cant say that....

If indeed a baby bloom (or mini mantis) has arrived onto planet earth, I fervently wish that Orlando does everything he possible can to keep that baby away from the kind of life its mother enjoys. It does not need a public profile, it does not need a publicity agent and it does not need a 4 page spread in people magazine..

I'm probably being a bit hopeful though, considering the Mantis' electronic Ball Klamper...... Hes not done a great job of resisting that so far..


  1. I'm fat and jellus but I'm also realistic (and experienced in Mantis Malarkey) so at the moment I can't decide if this is the longest labour on record, a ploy to get as much PR out of the event as possible (once Princess Mary has the Royal half Aussie twins no one will care about a dingho bitch and her litter) or Carliiiiiiiiiiiiii is working on a multi dollar deal (it's got to be worth at least ohhhhh, $4) to get Mantis the front cover of Native Animals Weekly.

  2. I would of said the second Joders... experience in Mantis Malarkey also tells me that she's desperately trying to milk as much out of this as possible... someone must of told her that once you have a kid the "princess" phase abruptly ends and no-one cares.....

  3. Well I can tell you, if she has had the baby, and nothing is physically wrong with either one of them, she will be discharged today to home. Unless of course she has had a c section. Which means she might last til Monday in the hospital. I can only assume that with the way the media (especially Australian media) is acting, there has got to be at least one gang of paparazzo hanging around at every exit to the place. She can't stay there forever. And unless the hospital has a super secret celebrity exit (ours does not and we treat the rich and famous all the time), once she reaches the fresh air, there is nothing hospital security can do for her. Although I am equally disturbed that a paparazzi is wandering the halls of a hospital in L.A. I know our security is air tight, and if someone DOES slip in, the employees question everyone without a visitor or employee tag. That a stranger is roaming the halls, especially on a maternity ward, is a disgrace!

  4. According to the photographer that shot the pic of Dingho's anus, the baby has been born and it weighs 10 pounds.

  5. Dingho HAS to have everything about her filled with controversy, like no one would care if she did things the normal way. And it's no use to wish Whorely will stand up for himself, notice how every plan regarding this kid is ALL by her? I don't think he will have ANY say in this kid. Whorely is well and truly phucked now, having your soul sucked out by an incubus doesn't really leave you with much of a spirit and sense of self anymore.

  6. This pic has been circulating on some celebrity sites and whoever posted it seems to be claiming it's the dingho pup...dunno how true or not it is.