Friday, 7 January 2011

Hold on to your seats everyone!

No no, the Panty Mantis still hasnt said anything interesting, but rumours are circulating that the second coming has finally arrived!

Halluljah I hear you all cry!

Word is that its a girl but of course no official confirmation yet - after all why end the speculation when there is good PR mileage to be made of the blessed event...

In all seriousness though I wish the new nipper well - its not the kids fault that the Panty Mantis is its mother and in honour of its likely/imminent birth I wont sit down and work out when it must of been conceived, I'm sure someone else will do the Maths....

and of course congratulations to Orlando - whatever the facts of the matter, I'm sure he'll make a fabulous Dad!

yes yes, I know! Fat... Jellus.... Orlando to myself...


  1. ...I did the math a few days ago and determined that if she didn't give birth by the end of next week, it wasn't his. She must have heard that I put her up to the challenge of delivery and she must have started jumping off of beds and getting ankle massages after all.. I can't wait to see how this all pans out, poor kid.

  2. poor kid and poor Orlando......

    i feel sorry for the pair of them!

  3. Congratulations to Orlando. And good luck. He's going to need it. Especially if the child (no matter the gender) looks like her brother.

    If she really did go into labour early this morning Australian time, she must be nearly finished by now. I mean she's the only and original earth mother. This birthing thing should be a piece of cake for her (mmmmm, cake!). I wish she'd get a hurry up. I can't wait all bloody night!

    Anyway, I'm off to bed. I'm sure in the morning I'll be woken by the Hallelujah Chorus rejoicing at the miracle birth.

  4. we still dont know wanda.....

    the miracle is still waiting to be revealed

    (though i have to say I'm very very sick of contact music telling me she's in labor - i thought id cancelled those f**kers years ago!)

  5. According to X-17, the baby, a boy, was born last night. Though for now I will wait till it is official by People mag.