Sunday, 9 January 2011

Remember the wedding plans?

It seems that even the major of gunnedah has heard been brought glad tidings of great joy about his new Australian son (the fact its actually half british by birth and in fact probably also american seems to have passed a lot of reports about this happy event by)

My first reaction was "isnt that nice" (honestly it was!) and then i suddenly saw through the Mayor of Gunnedah's evul scheme....

I realised that having had his chance to hold the wedding of the year cut off at the knees already the speed of gestation of Baby Bloom, he's making another bid to whip out the Brass Band, call a public holiday and get some use out of Gunnedah village hall for the Christening of the new arrival... its the only explanation for why the Mayor is happily commenting away here before any one else has (apart from Russell James of course - but he probably feels entitled having shot the Panty Mantis' a**ehole and circulated it round the globe).

Mayor of Gunnedah, I truly hope you get this gig - I think they owe you! After all your kind promises of a national gunnedah holiday, brass band and bunting for the wedding, its seems only fair that you use it to celebrate the birth of the new arrival.

(and I know we've had our differences Panty Mantis' but you know I'll help with the planning and I'm sure I can convince Wanda and Joders to be part of the proceedings too - they still have their lovely bridesmaid outfits ready and waiting)


  1. Ooh, ooh! Maybe Wanda and I can be God Mothers? I might have to dye my apricot coloured bridesmaid dress a nice baby blue in honour of little Orly Jr.

    The poor mayor, he's really trying hard to achieve his very own six degree of separation, isn't he?

    On a more serious note (but only for a second) does anyone think they really called the kid Orlando? I understand wealthy, gentrified or political type families naming the sons after their fathers, but honestly? I kind of think people who do it are full of their own self importance. And what's that other word? Ummmm, I think it's NARCISSISTIC. Yeah, that's the word.

  2. Yeah, send him to me. My kids are getting bored of tormenting each other.

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