Thursday, 6 January 2011

The Second Coming

I don't know about you but in addition to stuffing my face to make up for the momentary slippage on calorie intake over Christmas I am also waiting with baited breath for the little one (in our Panty Mantis' Belly) to make its entry into the world....

There seems to be ongoing confusion over the due date though, the only solution I can see is to sit tight next to your computer, set up your RSS feed to update from the Panty Mantis' facebook (after all, she's sure to give a blow by blow account on there to random people close online friends....

Poor kid - its already over-hyped before its even made it into the world.... I don't rate its mother much but I have hopes its Dad will work out ok!


  1. Orli's house in LA is up for lease. Wonder why? Where will they live since her flat is for sale in NYC?

    For lease: Orlando Bloom's Hollywood Hills compound -

    Maybe because it's dark and depressing? I wouldn't want to live there.

  2. Aw c'mon. We take up a collection (maybe we can sweet-talk May into shilling for us) and we can party!
    BTW GREAT pic!

  3. that such a great idea Sighs! but we better start now..... how are you at sweet talking??

    @Linda - I'm sure they will find something suitable for the new arrival and all her/his aussie relatives....

  4. Perhaps he could get his good friend Brent Wood to help them find a suitable abode?

    In the meantime I'll just go back to tripling my intake of lard (and hopefully tripling the width of my arse) while I wait for the blessed event.

  5. ah yes Brent Wood, thats a great idea Joders .... I'm sure he;d be able to help

    can i formally commend you on your strategy for waiting for the blessed event - you are an example to us all !