Saturday, 22 January 2011

Eau de Bloom

I really wasnt going to post up an offering today - I've successfully managed to tune out the endless witterings of the Panty Mantis to little more than the annoying whine of a very small mosquito - but then I came across this.....

It was an article in a beauty magazine about Orlando's decision to become the face of Boss Orange - I wont take you through the entire interview its posted herebut a few points within it made me giggle.....

“Because that’s the way I am,” said Bloom. “I don’t spend a lot of time froufrou-ing myself.”

In fact, until his wife, Miranda Kerr, began her Kora organic skin care line, Bloom used only a body cream and admitted, “I used it everywhere.”

Oh dear Orlando, he's said that in the open, the PM's so going to read this and punish him for not making it clearer that while he might of "used" to be a non-Froufrou boy, he should of said that he has access to the bestte skyne cayre linne inne the worde eva, and that he spends 99% of his day applying face creams, eye creams and body cream everywhere...

I hope he doesnt suffer too much for that one! A little later on he says this:

So now that he’s been initiated into the world of scent, would Bloom consider doing a signature fragrance line?

“It hasn’t really crossed my mind,” he said, adding: “Never say never to anything, you know.”

Eau de Bloom........ I'm really not quite sure what to make of that....

Fat'n'Jellus..... Over to you!


  1. Frou-frou?? What kind of hetero guy uses that word??? There's so many things wrong w/this story, where to start...

  2. I wonder what she'd think if he admitted he used that cream as lube for his latest tryst with Vig?

  3. @Anonymous- I would like to hear everything you think its wrong.

    @Thal- LMAO!

  4. Okay, Mystic. I did not link to the mlove site but have seen other quotes from him about this:

    "I never really thought about doing it before — I guess because I probably took myself too seriously and thought, I'm an actor, I'm not a model." - that's crap, he's done modelling before for clothes & cars & stuff.

    "I'm a guy's guy." -um, no he isn't.

    ""It's about a unique quality of independence and freedom, open minds and free souls and all of these ideas, and I was like, well, that's kind of cool." - um, it's perfume, not the US Constitution.

    I just think that entire "article" is BS. He's always trying to sell an image of himself, first he tried to act like he was this sweet, "I love my mum & doggie" type, then he went w/the "I'm a motorcycle man sucking on my VS gf's face." Now all of a sudden he's into freedom and free souls and open minds?

    Occasionally a celeb will laugh about endorsements & say 'well they pay the bills." If only Oily was that brave.

  5. "I'm a guy's guy." -um, no he isn't.

    I agree. I really can't find something to describe him but not really a guy's guy. You?

  6. How about "Girly Man". Works for me.

  7. And a pussy-whipped Girly Man at that! - KayC33

  8. LOL so true Anonymous.

    Hey Luci pics of OB and the baby have come up. I see Flynn has PM's nose.

  9. Poor Flinker, its has the PM as a mother AND he has the burden of having her nose through life - i just hope thats all he has of hers....