Thursday, 28 July 2011

The hallowed day

yes yes fatties, its arrived!

The Panty Mantis is back in Oz, all those weeks of reliving the last 4 years of her life over and over and over again to pump up the buzz is finally over and the "the most gawguss supamodel in the land" is back on home ground.

Ok so thats the hot news.. now onto more practical matters...

please can someone explain this as a modelling pose:

I keep looking at while Im eating my tub of lard and just not getting it... Its probably because Im fat n jellus and not lyving the lyfe but I suspect there is an outside chance THIS is not something any other model thinks of as a good plan in front of a camera....

But its good to see the cloven hooves are back again :)


  1. Those shoes are awful...

  2. Armless stupormodel? She's trying to hide her vein-y hands. They're starting to look like Sara Jessica Parker's claws.


  3. This mid-jump pose is to make her legs appear longer without the aid of heels. Just standing on tiptoe would be too obvious.

  4. Horrible, horrible shoes.

    (I still can't post under my Google profile! --Wanda)

  5. She looks great and WOW -- what beautiful, edgy, high-fashion shoes those are!

    Totes kidding.