Friday, 1 July 2011

Spot the Difference..

Combining my girl crush on Kate Middleton and Fat n Jellus tendencies where the Panty Mantis is concerned is actually working out rather well, you'll be pleased to hear!

Take these two photos for example and these captions below and tell me which you think goes with which??

Caption 1: A sophisticated and fresh look for an evening event
Caption 2: A decidedly unsophisticated look for an evening event (plus I think that shes chewed off half the dress in frustration!)

Image A:

Image B:

Answers on a post card please!


  1. Ick.

    (signed, Wanda)

  2. blain vs brain

  3. Fabulous Jil Sander. Ugly model. Porny styling.

    Pretty Issa. Boring styling. Mediocre overall.