Monday, 11 July 2011


You see, THIS is what happens to a person when they choose to let one of the hallowed interviews from the Panty Mantis pass them by...

she releases two in one day!

ok ok , i submit Panty Mantis, there is only so much a (non-super) woman can take...

So, to the second offering of today, courtesy of the Daily Mail:

According to them the Panty Mantis found the birth of Flynkerr so painful she had an out of body experience....... its funny I thought they more normally referred to that as anaesthetic.....

Ooooh yes! silly me! I keep forgetting the poor stick insect gave birth 100% naturally, with no drugs whatsoever and only her husband peeing in a bottle for solace as opposed to taking what seems the more obvious choice.... a C section!

Now can someone please tell me WHY WE ARE STILL TALKING ABOUT THIS..... please....


  1. Daily Mail's gossip writer Andrea Magrath is Australian.
    That explains everything?

  2. Okay, first of all to have an out of body experience, you have to have your heart stop thereby you are on the verge of death. In that case there is no way the doctors would have allowed a natural birth to continue! My guess is there was a mirror on the ceiling so she could see the birth (there was with my first child - also a natural birth)! It seems her whole head grows with each lie rather than just her nose! - KayC33

  3. Yay! You are back. Glad of it. I swear if I hear this sh*t one more time....



  5. @ anomers one - i think it might do!

    @KayC33 - thats a very good point!

    @ Mystic - :D

    @anomers two: ok, so that clip was worth it to see how cute Flynkerr is when he laughs...... and also to see the PM dancing!