Monday, 1 August 2011

"Im on a Horse!"

Look at the sheer genius of this particular pose - what on earth is the panty mantis trying to achieve with this one? Has someone suggested that she and the horse have a chocolate star fish revealing competition? has the director of the shoot put "club tropicana" in an attempt to get the PM moving naturally for once?

I think that one beats the hooved shot from my last post..

News? well as you can imagine the Panty Mantis' triumphant return is being documented in minute detail to her enthralled public: From being mobbed at the air port (yeah ... i know) to an exclusive interview in her sydney home - its all there fatties for your reading and viewing pleasure...

The exclusive interview was particularly fine in my view, not only did the PM apparently cook dinner (and eat it all) for the lucky journalist, she didnt miss the opportunity to pimp Whora as the answer to stretch marks.... well that and apparently good genes....

Ive got a much simpler solution for you PM - if you're a fat n jellus person - you're so fat no-body notices any stretch marks you might get, they simply disappear under the corpulent mass that is your body...


  1. Why is she wearing a hanky on her head? That's what that blue thing is right?

    I must add, I'm a bit disappointed. When I saw the headline "I'm on a horse" I was sooo excited! I thought you had done a post on Isaiah Mustafa, the Old Spice Guy. He's hot!

    Alas, it was the much less hot, much less funny (and much less everything really), dingho :(

  2. Well,it's just like proverb "Fine feathers make a fine birds".
    She looks like a fishy-princess when she wears clothes.