Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Writers Block

OK Im going to say what must be apparent to anyone that regularly reads here - Im suffering with a bad case of writers block! Ever since I had the notion that to continue to report on someone being so incredibly stupid was not only tiresome but also perhaps in itself could be classed as stupid Ive been failing to see the wit...

The idea the panty mantis is thicker than a redwoods trunk isnt exactly news any more....

Of course she continues to deliver such gems via twitter and facebook to her random online people close online friends such as the naming of poor flinker after her dead ex boyfriend (Orlando evidently either has returned his man globes to the clamper, is extremely understanding or doesnt give a shit what she does). She privately continues to deliver to her avid readership intricate details of her daily routine AND of course we have had the first post flinker shots of her with her boobs swinging round her navel (Bras are a fabulous invention Panty Mantis, particularly when you actually have breasts). All in all its much of the same.

The other dynamic of course is the horrifying prospect that, despite my best efforts, I've inadvertently developed a life. No amount of consumption of Lard has managed to effect this so far - but dont worry i will keep fighting the good fight.

So what was I saying here? Ah yes, posts will be a little more spaced out for the moment until a) I regain interest or b) Orlando ceases to be ritually tortured by his mantis....


  1. Oh NOES! Keep fighting that fight! If you're developing a life, I'll be forced to do the same!

    PS: Where's my purty pitcher???

  2. So it's Oscar Night, and Miranda is on Facebook chatting. I asked if she and Orli were doing Oscar parties, and she answered, "No Oscars for me." Hmm. Didn't say Orli wasn't partying.!/MirandaKerr/posts/10150094011642541

  3. Hi Slapparr,

    According to the newest pictures from JFK, I think, the Time is near that Orlanfo will ceases to be ritually and regually tortured by a certain Person. ;-)

    Keep fighting that fight! I will do it too! ;-)

    Cu and take care