Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Party Time

I really wasnt going to do an update - my creative streak seems to have a bad case of bordom with our favourite couple - but with set upon set of Orlando out partying minus his pet Mantis all over the place, the temptation was too much...

He's been at a variety of different parties over the last few days, all without the Mantis and all where he looks like he's enjoying himself - here's hoping this is the new way forward....

The Panty Mantis meanwhile has "privately" been sharing the details of her private life with random online people her closest friends. ONe of the more amusing ones for me had to be her saying she had to go because "we" were are all sitting down to dinner... I wonder if she was using the royal 'we' - because Orlando was out for the evening and I'm imagining Flinker is a little young to be sitting up and enjoying a four course meal with his Mantis mummy....

and if you really want laugh (and this is cruel, even for me) check out the David Jones winter catalogue here but I warn you - this is not for the faint hearted (and I imagine provides the explanation for the lack of post baby shots of the PM....


  1. well, you know, fan #1 said the party was took place in the must be true. LOL

  2. of course anomers of course, far be it from me to question the absolute knowledge of such people....

    because people in LA always have these partys in the afternoon... out of interest was the Black Swan in the morning then??? :P

  3. If MAC makeup will make me look like that, I'm NEVER, EVER buying MAC!

    And I know someone else, somewhere else has pointed this out, but I find it particularly hilarious that Whora isn't featured in the David Jones beauty catalogue. On the other hand, a brand called Hissyfit has it's very own page.

    And hissyfit is, I imagine, exactly what Mantis threw when she realised her miracle cure wasn't on the very first page. Hell, it's not even on the very last page. Ha!

    Re: the sitting down to dinner, I can't get the picture of mantis at a child's table with her dollies, drinking air out of her dolly's tea cups out of my mind.

    As for the photo of Orlando at the top of this post? Looking at it, looking at the look on his face and the look in his eyes makes me feel sorry for him. He looks tired, but it's not the tired you look from having a new baby in the house. He looks kind of defeated.

  4. I cringe at the fact she's wearing MAC because that's my favorite brand.

    If she meant she and Flinker were sitting down for dinner, hardly makes sense as she's announced several times before that she needed to go in order to nurse him, why play coy now.

    - Rik

  5. Playing the pronoun game, are we dinghy? "My partner," "We're sitting to dinner," etc. How sad.

  6. I see they have edited that nose of hers agian. She really should cut it off to spite her face..... :) ~FroFro

  7. @Fro I believe shes trying hard on that

    @rik and Joders - i know how devastating is that - MAC makes you look like a puffy neon tart...