Saturday, 14 January 2012


Now, I know the PM arent what you might call the best of friends, and its no secret that I dont hold her "casual" looks in high esteem.....

...but two public events in a row where it looks like her stylist is exacting her revenge...

Exhibit A: the tangerine sack that featured in yesterdays post

Exhibit B: (Im still not the stage where I can find appropriate words to describe my feelings on this)

That dress looks like its in a serious argument with itself..

Seriously PM, I know we dont get on great all the time, but I mean this from the bottom of my heart - SACK YOUR STYLIST NOW


  1. I think calling that orange thing she's wearing a "tangerine sack" is being very, very generous Slapparr.

    I'm just sad that Qantas has chosen an American Scientolgist and a porn-whore as it's ambassadors. I don't want to fly Qantas or a Qantas subsidiary until she is no longer associated with them. John Travolta I can live with because he's not as offensive.

  2. that tangerine sack is become the lesser of a litany of sartorial evils Joders, I can feel my Mantis Resilience being eroded as we speak....

    you have my sympathy on the Quantas thing - I would of thought they would have been much better served by kangaroo and a koala....