Monday, 16 January 2012

Ok Enough is enough!

Im putting my foot down.

What IS going on with the Panty Mantis and her wardrobe?

Much as I can in no way be counted amongst her resident fan club, this number of fashion faux pas, all in quick succession, is surprising even for me....

I wont repeat the mistakes of last week but present you with two more exhibits for your entertainment:

Exhibit A:

Im a bit lost for words.... yet again this outfit seems to be in direct confrontation with itself and her, and the less said about the hairdo the better... has she really sacked the stylist after all?

Exhibit B:


the hair is much better in this, though the cleavage seems to be fighting for survival, but the dress...... again Im at a loss..

(oh and PS Orlando, while we are here, outfit down to shoes: great - with shoes - not so much, perhaps its worth leaving the trainers at home at formal occasions in the future?)

Help me make sense of it all fellow fatties, wanting Orlando all to myself isnt enough of an explanation for so much sartorial torment.


  1. WTF? Are you serious?
    They are the most stunning couple on this planet!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Well of course anomers, point taken...they are indeed. b=But all the stunningness in the world does not excuse that line up of outfits.....

  3. Caption Ex.B
    MK- Come on meal ticket
    AK- Hold on meal ticket


  4. Mirand thinking: Stop smiling at Robin! You're suppose to be staring at my boobs squishing out! - KayC33