Friday, 9 December 2011

When the going gets tough...

..... the tough get nekkid

or at least that seems to be our favourite panty mantis' answer to the sudden groundswell of the fat n jellus as yet another 'PM goes nekkid' photo shoot hits your screens.

Poor PM, she's going to need to employ a permanent nekkid photographer at this rate because its yet another day and it another fat n jellus person, intent on getting Orlando all to themselves AND completely missing the fact that shes "fiercely private" out there calling her a fame whore....

PM: for the next nekkid shot to counteract this, could you put a Xmas Hat on - we are firmly in the festive period afterall...

BTW the photo is of our Xmas get together this year, you can see that the lard-on is going well (and I thought the xmas horns were appropriate for me )


  1. of course those two reporters are only green with envy!

    predictable damage control!

  2. im kinda dissapointed, theres no Christmas Nekkidness going with the damage control... cmon PM

  3. She did not disappoint, here you go...


  4. and even more fat n jellus commentors..... i think i may need to start delegating authority - Wanda, Joders, do you girls fancy starting local centres of fat n jellus excellence ? I urgently need some help with the rapid rise in membership

  5. I've got Oceania / Australasia covered Slapparr!

  6. Fantastic, thanks Joders - I'll get your starter pack out to you PDQ