Friday, 18 November 2011

What have we here?

While I have definitely lost enthusiasm for all things Panty Mantis

(i.e. PM, you can stop emailing me - I don't care how 'seksy" you are, I know Im "jus jellus", I "totally" believe that you understand the difference between at teaspoon and a tablespoon (honestly I do) and I definitely haven't seen Orlando's balls anywhere)

I couldn't let this one past... what is she wearing above her eyes??? Im so confused I'll offer a prize of a tub of lard for the best answers.


  1. Perhaps its her contribution to 'Movember'

  2. The first thing that came to my mind was the new Snow White movie with Julia Roberts and the scary brows of the girl in it. Maybe she thinks she is the fairest of them all and channelling her inner Snow White? Does she know SW didn't f*** teh 7 dwarves?

  3. It's her new highbrow look. Thanks for noticing.

    Anna Wintour told her they'd hire her if only she were a tad more highbrow. So, she's been growing and grooming those suckers for weeks. That last 1/8" is proving a real bitch though. But hey, it's worth it 'cuz it's like, umm, Vogue, ya know.

  4. I'm with Wanda, I think she's got hairy caterpillars on her face. She's just lucky they didn't take up residence above her top lip.

  5. It all looks rather weird but yes caterpillars did come to mind. lol